Rotary Spray Head 52 series

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Rotary Spray Head 52 series

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360 gradi


The rotary spray heads are made of AISI316L stainless steel and are mounted onto two bearings. All internal surfaces are carved with high precision machine tools, which provide a smooth polishing and high quality surfaces. The washing system is available with two different input joints: DN50 Clamp or wall mount to weld Ø 52.

The rotary head exits the cylinder when the fluid pressure reaches approx.. 1 bar of pressure. The fluid flowing through the rotary head produces the rotation. Its speed varies depending on the pressure and flow rate of the washing fluid. For better results, be careful to follow the values given in table 09. An excessive speed in the rotation breaks the flow into drops, reducing the impact strength. When the washing cycle is finished and the fluid stops, the spring will make the rotary head return in its initial position inside the cylinder.

Technical specs:

Max. working temperature 95°C – Minimal working temperature 0°C

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