Rotary Spray Head 50 series

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Rotary Spray Head 50 series

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This retractable flushing system is constructed of AISI316L steel except for some parts not in contact with the flushing fluid, the pneumatic actuator, the clamp arms in AISI304, the O Rings in NBR (Viton on request), the slide bands in turcite, and the guide bushing in Teflon (PTFE).
The rotary head is mounted on two ball bearings.
All internal and external surfaces are machined with the latest high-precision CNC machine tools ensuring a smooth finish and excellent quality.
This type of flushing system is available with Clamp DN25 fluid inlet connection and Clamp DN50 weld-on socket wall connection.
The system is available in two variants, with 125 mm or 250 mm stroke.

The rotating head reaches the working position, exiting the cylinder, by pushing it with a pneumatic actuator. The distance can be predetermined and varied according to washing requirements, using two electronic magnetic end-of-stroke sensors positioned on the actuator.
The electronic magnetic sensors make it possible to integrate the rotary head with the logic of the C.I.P. system by signaling the position of the washing head. In other words, when it is all the way back or when it is in the working position. This is very important if there is equipment inside the container to be washed (e.g., agitators, scrapers, etc.) whose movement may interfere with the rotating head.
At this point, the passage of the washing liquid can be started, and this generates the rotating motion of the rotary head. The speed of rotation depends on the pressure and flow rate of the washing fluid, which must be limited: too fast rotation causes, in fact, breakage of the jet into droplets and loss of impact force. The self-cleaning function is accomplished by the passage of the washing fluid through the bearings.
During the flushing cycle, a sealing system ensures that the pneumatic actuator is isolated from the flushing fluid.
Once the C.I.P. process and the passage of the flushing fluid are finished, the pneumatic actuator is operated and the rotating head will return to its initial position inside the cylinder.

Technical specs:

Max working temperature: 95° – Minimum non-working temperature 0°.
The weight of a rotary head on one axis for Series 50 ranges from 5 to 6.5 kg depending on the model.